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We here at Affordable Concrete have a basic law:  Without YOU there is No Us!

My name is Roger Williamson and I am the owner of Affordable Concrete in Nicholasville KY.  I am a blue collar man in a white collar world. 

Concrete Sidewalks, Concrete Pool Decks, Concrete Driveways, Concrete Decks, Concrete Patios, Step Porches, and Concrete Basements is what I am GREAT at.

Nothing makes me more proud when I look at what you want done and envision what I would like to see as if it were MY own place.

I guarantee EVERYTIME you see what came from your mind, you too will be proud!  Whether you invite guests over or even if its just yourself, you will truly smile at what you’ve done!  You will truly have a hard time remembering what was compared to what it.

FREE ESTIMATES!!!  Just call me!

We service Lexington Kentucky, Nicholasville Kentucky, Paris Kentucky, Georgetown Kentucky, Versailles Kentucky, Richmond Kentucky. Including the following counties:  Fayette County, Jesamine County, Borbon County, Scott County and Woodford County.

NO job is too big or too small.

My job is making your place beautiful!  If I do my job right, not only will I get your smiles, but gain your trust and respect for the future.  Whether you need some more work done or someone you know does, I hope you’re as proud of us as I am.

Please Call me or e-mail me to ask any question you have or to set up a time to meet with you.  Click on the tabs up top to view my work or to know a little bit more about Affordable Concrete.  Please also click the testimonials to see what other clients have said about us.  I know you will write me one when your place is finished.

God Bless and God Bless Kentucky!


Affordable Concrete
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